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Outdoor Containers

Outdoor Containers

Containers designed for outdoor use serve a wide variety of purposes. Potted full of annuals, perennials, and even small shrubs, they decorate front stoops, patios, and balconies; they define entrances to paths, driveways, and gates; and they can be used to create focal points in mixed borders and landscapes. We offer a wide variety of containers for outdoor use ranging from handcrafted ceramic pots to lightweight fiber models, and self-watering containers. The range of sizes and styles ensures there’s something for every garden.

 Green Seville Urn Green Seville Urn SKU: F59018
 Mayne Fairfield Container Mayne Fairfield Container SKU: F58948
 All-weather Fluted Planter All-weather Fluted Planter SKU: F58769
 Black Festonada Urn Black Festonada Urn SKU: F58767
 Acanthus Urn Acanthus Urn SKU: F50209
 Madison Planter Madison Planter SKU: F56853
 Tall Bronze Urn Tall Bronze Urn SKU: F50205
 Svelte Resin Planter Svelte Resin Planter SKU: F50321
 Gray Acanthus Urn Gray Acanthus Urn SKU: F58867
 Festonada Urn Festonada Urn SKU: F50224
 Tapered Planter Tapered Planter SKU: F58956
 Tapered Square Planter Tapered Square Planter SKU: F58953
 Foxcroft Planter Foxcroft Planter
From $49.00
 Fiber Garden Pot Fiber Garden Pot SKU: F55840
 Growing Bag Growing Bag SKU: F50319
 Large Gray Planter Large Gray Planter SKU: S58721
 Self-Watering Planter Box Self-Watering Planter Box SKU: S58722
 Terrazza Pot Terrazza Pot SKU: S58705
 Veneto Planter Veneto Planter SKU: F50458
 All-Season Urn All-Season Urn SKU: F50081
 Castello Planter Castello Planter SKU: F50459
 Green Seville Urn Green Seville Urn SKU: S59029
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