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All Indoor Plants

All Indoor Plants

Indoor plants add lush, natural beauty to living spaces while asking little in return. We’re excited to offer a select group of stylish, hard-to-find indoor plants that range in size from tabletop Succulents and Ferns to statuesque Figs and Palms. We chose these exceptional houseplants for their quality, long-lasting good looks, and ease of care. Their light requirements vary from full sun to bright indirect light, which means you’ll have no trouble finding something for every room of the house and office. We ship vigorous plants that have the fullness and presence to make very impressive gifts. Choose from flowering plants or plants that feature stunning indoor foliage. We have no doubt you’ll be very pleased with the results.

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 Dwarf Chenille Plant Dwarf Chenille Plant SKU: F81345
 Indoor Evergreen Garden Indoor Evergreen Garden SKU: X77932
 Poinsettia Dish Garden Poinsettia Dish Garden SKU: X83726
 Kangaroo Fern Kangaroo Fern
From $42.00
 Tabletop Evergreen Quintet Tabletop Evergreen Quintet SKU: X77933
 Lady Palm Lady Palm
From $110.00
 Brilliant Autumn Kalanchoe Trio Brilliant Autumn Kalanchoe Trio SKU: F81417
From $49.00
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