Planting & Care Instructions

Here is practical planting and growing information intended to help you get your new plants off to a good start. If you are an experienced gardener, you might want to go directly to our Growing Guides by Plant Name and search for cultural instructions for specific plants that we sell.

When your plant or flower bulb order arrives

This includes information about how to handle dormant plants, bareroot plants, actively growing plants. You'll also find suggestions on what to do if you can't plant right away. Your plants are living, breathing things and can't remain in the packing box for weeks, but we understand that life sometimes interferes with our good intentions.

How to prepare the soil for planting

If you can prepare the soil before your order arrives, so much the better.

Gardening in containers & growing standards

Here are some tips on planting, feeding, and grooming annuals in containers, and growing standards.

Basic planting advice for bulbs, perennials, annuals, shrubs, and vines

Learn how to handle bareroot and potted plants, whether dormant or actively growing.

How to grow Roses

Tips for planting Roses, and instructions for aftercare: feeding, watering, pruning, and overwintering. Includes advice on growing and overwintering Standard Roses.

After you plant: watering, mulching, & fertilizing your garden

Pointers of fertilizing, watering, pruning, dealing with pests and diseases, winter protection.

Caring for your plants

Advice on how to care for your plants.

How to grow plants in the south

Our gardening experience has come from the Northeast, but we have culled some advice for gardeners in South.

How to grow houseplants

We offer general care instructions for your houseplants.