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Down On The Farm

After World War I, a popular song posed the following question about returning servicemen:

"How ya gonna keep'em down on the farm after they've seen Paree?"

We were blessed to miss that war by a good bit, but we've seen Paris once or twice, plus the inside of a New York investment bank, and decided more than 30 years ago that life down on the farm would suit us just fine. When catalog paper and postage were cheap, we occasionally presumed on our customers' patience with anecdotes from the daily life at the nursery and a few folks were kind enough to say they enjoyed reading them, as we did writing them.

The miracle of the Internet offers a chance to begin this practice anew, and we still find much that is fresh and delightful in our work and life here. Of course, this electronic newsletter has the great benefit of being free, which cynics will aver offers a fair indication of its value. That decision is yours.

We look forward to chatting with you and will try to be responsive to substantive correspondence. No promises.

Amos Pettingill

An archive of monthly newsletters from past years can be found here.

Click below to view previous newsletters but please be aware that we may have disconnected the links for some of these.


  • March - Some Equinoctial Musings....The official beginning of spring is, as you surely know, March 21st, the date that the sun's daily....


  • March - A Return to the World of Nature....This spring seems to be generating more than the usual buzz around our nursery and, from what we can tell,....
  • June - A Solstitial Greeting.....These long, lazy days are the best time to relax and enjoy the miracle that is your garden. The patience, planning, and.....
  • September - An Important Message to Tomato Lovers...We hope that your Tomato harvest has been long, and lush, and delicious. In our garden,.....
  • December - Dear Friends......Here at the farm, we are decking the halls and wondering aloud at how quickly the year.....


  • March - A Changing World....Gardeners probably spend more time discussing weather and climate than any other horticulture-related topic,....
  • June - Taking the Long View....We have recently had news of the pending arrival of two grandchildren, our first, which has prompted a good deal of thinking about what the world,....
  • October - Last Call For Fall....In case you have been distracted by our political system, may we gently point out that winter is approaching, which means.....
  • November - Thank you for Being Our Customer....Dear Friends, This week begins a season of holiday celebrations that is, for the most of us, a time of joyful.....
  • December - Down on the Farm....Dear Friends, Here at the farm, the greenhouses are buttoned up, the gardens are trimmed and mulched, the equipment has been cleaned....


  • February - Looking Forward to Spring....Here at the nursery, the snow is deep and is now encapsulated under a heavy crust of ice. In combination with hard cold, these...
  • March - Even This Winter Must End....As we mopped up the water from our dining room floor (4 inches of rain on top of 30 inches of snow...
  • April - It's Time to Engage The Gears....Unless you live in Bemidji, Minnesota, winter is over and the garden season is under way. That doesn't leave (or shouldn't) a lot of time....
  • May - Better Late Than Never...Here in the northwest corner of Connecticut, spring is roughly 2 weeks behind schedule. We had snow...
  • June - We Really Look Forward to Seeing You...The nature of our business means that we seldom have the pleasure of meeting our customers face to face and the absence...
  • September - A Hole in the Weather -- Use It!....Summer ended with a cold shower where we live. A hot, still August hatched out into a wet, windy (up to 75mph in Litchfield)...
  • December - Our Best Wishes....As the din of commerce abates, may we extend our thanks for your patronage and our best wishes for the holiday season. Like each....



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