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Our Archived Down on the Farm Newsletters


Click below to view previous newsletters but please be aware that we may have disconnected the links for some of these.

  • January - In Praise of Perennials....The best way we know is to make abundant use of herbaceous perennials, a class of leafy plants that die back during winter, then reappear the following spring....
  • February - The Synergy of Triads....In gardening, as in music, a single note can be simple and pure and hauntingly lovely. A pair of notes exists primarily to define ....
  • March - Our New Summer Catalogue....Toward the end of this month, we'll launch a new edition of our catalogue that is very different from its early spring predecessors....
  • April - When The Light Returns....Spring in the Northeast is the time when the light returns after a long dark patch that is hard on the spirits. The winter....
  • May - A Major Price Reduction on Top-Quality Daffodils for Naturalizing....It is sometimes better to be lucky than smart, and this is such a case. Our purchase contract for the marvelous Daffodil Naturalizing Mixture we call 'The Works' was made....
  • June - A Cool Season So Far....Gardeners talk incessantly about the weather, sometimes as an enemy, sometimes an ally. It has become pretty common for these conversations....
  • July - Three Excellent Ways to use Bulbs....Bulbs are the easiest, fastest, cheapest, and most diverse way to add color to a spring or summer garden and should enjoy....
  • August - The Summer of 2009....For gardeners living in the Northeast, as we do, the summer of 2009 has been among the coolest and....
  • September - Turning the Corner....In Litchfield, September is a month of contrasts, roughly balanced between the soft, slow days....
  • October - Fact vs. Fiction....It is a fact that our holiday gift offering is now available online (click here) and that it features both the....
  • November - Tis' the Gift to be Simple...As our extended family gathers for Thanksgiving, it seems appropriate to reflect....
  • December - Our 60th Spring...We are about done with selling for this year and hope you are ready, as we are, to relish the peace....


  • January - Like the Old Days....As this is written, at dawn with just a touch of color in the winter sky, the temperature is near zero in Litchfield. We have about a foot of snow, settled from about 18 inches,....
  • February - Serial Springs....When our son was small and an early riser, we discovered by chance that, after the winter solstice, the northward progress of the sun cast a first beam of light on our kitchen wall....
  • March - A Real Winter So Far....We've had a real winter so far; plenty of snow, consistent cold with few meaningful thaws, and no major ice storms. All this means less damage in gardens,....
  • April - Container Time....April is when we sit down with a note pad and plan the contents of the dozens of containers on display at the nursery each season. It's an enormously agreeable task, made....
  • May - There's Still Time....Spring is well and truly launched at this point, and we are both able and willing to meet your needs for plants, tools, and supplies at a speed that will amaze you. Long practice has, in our case,....
  • June - America's Finest Daffodil Mixture ....Our premium Daffodil mixture for naturalizing is called "The Works" because it offers 100 bulbs selected from at least 30 varieties of the very best modern Daffodils, no more than 5 of each. These strains have been blended to....
  • July - Summer is Lily Time....As the glorious June flush passes and the steady heat of true summer settles in, gardens can look a little tired. The perfect antidote for this horticultural version of postprandial lethargy can be found within our offering of Daylilies and Lilies.....
  • August - When Fall Begins....These words are being written on a hot, still August day, the kind of day when we prefer to do our gardening at dawn. At this very moment, we're fresh from a swim in our back pond.....
  • September - It's Bulb Time...Yes, we grudgingly acknowledge that certain non-gardening issues may occasionally compete for your attention. Perhaps a few of you felt obliged to monitor the....
  • October - To Feel Better, Start Holiday Gifting Now...Yes, our 401(K) has taken a beating too, and we're likely a LOT closer to retirement (synonymous with interment in our case) than you are. But it's probably...
  • November - It's Time to Catch a Breath....Uncertainty doesn't bring out the best in most people, but it does draw us together. Our own extended family is currently spread out across....
  • December - Our Thanks and Wishes for the New Year...We've all been a little banged up this year, one way or the other, an experience that provokes the very un-American process of reflection. Whether....


  • January - Our Common Garden....We began thinking about this newsletter in early January, while peering out the window at green grass and a soft, 52-degree rain. This is the beginning of...
  • February - The Back Garden....In our line of work, there has long been tension between our interest in the best new plant varieties, our loyalty to the tried-and-true names that have pleased you and us for decades,....
  • March - Spring Starts Now....Despite a brutally cold first week of March at the farm, the birds are now calling at dawn, the clock has changed, and the cheerful business of spring is....
  • April - We've Got Tomatoes....No one in his or her right mind eats store-bought Tomatoes if there's an alternative. Even locally grown versions, purchased in season, have been picked a little green,....
  • May - A Compressed Spring....We whined bitterly as April delivered one cold, wet, dreary day after another, stalling the arrival of spring and almost dissipating the exhilaration we normally....
  • June - Gardening With Schumpeter
  • July - The Works - How and Why It Works
  • August - Evolving Relationship
  • September - Our Trials of Spring-Flowering Bulbs
  • October- Fall is for Planning....We've had two close brushes with frost so far, dodged them both, but shorter...
  • November - Coming Indoors....Despite an October that can only be described as sultry, winter IS coming and, for us, a killing frost is, at this writing, already a couple....
  • December - Reflections on Another Year


  • June - The first of our monthly newsletters.
  • July - Summertime
  • August - Summer Reading
  • September - Bulbs have many virtures.
  • October - It's not too late to plant.
  • November - A Gardening Year Ends, and Another Begins.
  • December - There's still time to send your gifts. An early preview of our spring catalogue!
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