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Amaryllis (Hippeastrum) are tropical bulbs, native to South America, that are harvested in the summer and then chilled to prepare them to bloom. Given warm temperatures, strong light, and water upon arrival, they will put on a spectacular show 8 to 10 weeks later that will brighten up even the gloomiest winter day.

We offer several dozen varieties of Amaryllis, all top-grade bulbs imported from The Netherlands. Our selection ranges from statuesque double-flowered types to the delicate, spidery Cybister forms. Our bulbs are the best available on the market, and will outperform those found in stores.

New Amaryllis Varieties New Amaryllis Varieties Each new Amaryllis is more than just another pretty face. Read more
Customer-Favorite Amaryllis Customer-Favorite Amaryllis Customers come back year after year for our Amaryllis. Read more
Hard-to-Find Amaryllis Hard-to-Find Amaryllis Here we feature a number of hard-to-find Amaryllis varieties. Read more
Early-Blooming South African Amaryllis Early-Blooming South African Amaryllis In addition to our Dutch-grown Amaryllis bulbs, we offer bulbs from South Africa. Read more
Amaryllis Bulbs In Glass Amaryllis Bulbs In Glass Many Amaryllis grow happily and bloom abundantly in nothing more than stones and water. Read more
Amaryllis Collections Amaryllis Collections Amaryllis are easy to grow in homes or offices, and they make delightful gifts. Read more
Amaryllis Gifts With Shipping Included Amaryllis Gifts With Shipping Included Get 3 gifts at once and save. Read more
Bicolor Amaryllis Bicolor Amaryllis Shop all of our bicolor amaryllis. Read more
Cybister & Small-Flowering Amaryllis Cybister & Small-Flowering Amaryllis Looking for a plant that's unusual yet easy to care for? Read more
Double-Flowered Amaryllis Double-Flowered Amaryllis Double Amaryllis are popular for good reason. Read more
Nymph Amaryllis Nymph Amaryllis Nymphs are a distinctive, carefully-bred class of Amaryllis. Read more
Peach Amaryllis Peach Amaryllis Shop all of our peach amaryllis. Read more
Pink Amaryllis Pink Amaryllis Shop all of our pink amaryllis. Read more
Red Amaryllis Red Amaryllis Shop all of our red amaryllis. Read more
Single-Flowered Amaryllis Single-Flowered Amaryllis These bulbs produce flowers with a single layer of petals. Read more
White Amaryllis White Amaryllis Shop all of our white amaryllis. Read more
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