Fragrant Narcissus 'Erlicheer' Bulb Collection in large woven basket
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Fragrant Narcissus 'Erlicheer' Bulb Collection in large woven basket

Fragrant Narcissus 'Erlicheer' Bulb Collection in large woven basket

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Quick Facts
Common Name: Forced Bulb Collection
Hardiness Zone: 1-13S/W Exposure: Houseplants - High Light
Blooms In: Jan-Feb
Read our Growing Guide Ships as: NURSERY POT AND BASKET
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Product Details

Product Details

Try a different spin on Paperwhites this year with the Fragrant Narcissus 'Erlicheer' Bulb Collection. Like a bouquet within a bouquet, this sweetly perfumed grouping of 12 double 'Erlicheer' Daffodils features abundant clusters of flowers on each stem. A total of 12 bulbs sent in a 11½" wide x 5½" tall woven basket, ready to begin growing on arrival. Wire bulb support included.




The size of the plants we ship has been selected to reduce the shock of transplanting. For some, this means a large, bareroot crown. Others cannot travel bareroot or transplant best if grown in containers. We ship these perennials and annuals in 1 pint pots, except as noted. We must point out that many perennials will not bloom the first year after planting, but will the following year, amply rewarding your patience. We ship bulbs as dormant, bare bulbs, sometimes with some wood shavings or moss. Shrubs, Roses, vines, and other woody plants may be shipped bareroot or in pots. The size of the pot is noted in the quick facts for each item.


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They never bloomed

Order #: #4961021
Order Date: Dec 15 2019 11:58AM
Order placed by: Dan Doak ([email protected])

I got these for my Brother—really for my two nephews, 3 and 5. I imagined they would find the flowers in winter (Boulder) a trill. The bulbs came up, but never bloomed. Bummer.

"I keep meaning to tell you about the fate of the narcissus you gave us. It has been the weirdest thing: they grew prolifically, but didn’t produce any flowers. There was exactly one inflorescence, in spite of lots of huge leaves. I don’t know if it would be possible to get refunded for those flowers. It is really bizarre – I’ve done forced winter narcissus so many times, so I am pretty sure I am not to blame. Might be worth asking them if this batch was faulty in some way."

My Brother is a plant person—and how can you go wrong.
Response from White Flower FarmWhite Flower Farm, 3 years ago (02/27/20 11:13AM)

I am so sorry to learn this bulb collection failed to bloom and I will be contacting you via email regarding compensation.

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Growing guide

Growing guide
Print Grow Guide

The bulbs in our forced bulb collections (which may include Crocus, Hyacinths, Iris, Muscari, Narcissus, and Tulips) arrive potted, with a layer of protective packaging material on top. You may discard this packing material. 

Set the pots on a sunny windowsill in a cool room. A nighttime temperature of about 50-55°F, such as is found near a window, is ideal. Water when the potting mix is dry to the touch. We recommend removing the pots from the basket or cachepot before watering. Push any Spanish Moss aside, water the pots thoroughly and let them drain before replacing in the basket. Rearrange the Moss around the leaves.

There is no need to fertilize. Please note that the growth of the bulbs will be slower in a cooler part of the house. Warmer temperatures may speed growth, but can result in weaker flowering stems. Bulbs usually begin blooming 4-5 weeks after arrival.

What you do with your bulbs after they bloom depends on your climate and your inclinations. The bulbs can't be forced to bloom indoors again, but they can be planted outdoors--if they are hardy in your area. (Most of the bulbs in our collections are winter hardy to at least Zone 4 [-30°F]. Narcissus 'Avalanche' is hardy to Zone 6 [-10°F].) Continue to water the bulbs after they bloom and keep them in a sunny window. When the threat of hard frost has passed, plant each bulb with a trowel at a depth equivalent to about three times the bulb's height. Expect 2 or more years to pass before the bulbs bloom again. In our experience, Tulips will rarely bloom again. In fact, we think caring for the bulbs after bloom and planting them out in spring is rarely worth the effort, so we prefer simply to toss the bulbs out after they've finished blooming. However, we know of customers who enjoy the process and don't mind the wait.