Trio of Red Poinsettias in golden cachepots
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Trio of Red Poinsettias in golden cachepots

Trio of Red Poinsettias in golden cachepots

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Quick Facts
Common Name: Poinsettia
Hardiness Zone: 1-13S/W Exposure: Houseplants - Bright Indirect Light
Blooms In: Nov-Jan
Mature Height: 10-15" Read our Growing Guide
Ships Weather Permitting Ships as: NURSERY POT AND CACHEPOT
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Product Details

Product Details

Add a merry touch to the dining table or any room of the house with our trio of compact Poinsettias. These little guys pack the same colorful punch as their larger relatives, but they’re ideally sized for tabletops and bureaus. Accentuating the holiday look are three ceramic cachepots with a hammered texture that’s finished in a gleaming gold tone. Shipped in three 4½" wide x 5" tall gold ceramic cachepots. Tray not included.

Please note: Poinsettia Princettia® Red has been replaced with compact form of Poinsettia Red at this time.



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I ordered this trio in the white colored poinsettias and I love it! It was worth the money. The pots are beautiful. The poinsettias came in perfect shape. I did have one small chip in one of the pots, but was able to super glue the piece in place and you can’t even tell where the chip was. Centerpiece on my dining room table on a cream colored table runner with a couple of candlesticks. Very pleased with this purchase. Wish I could add a picture to share.

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Growing guide

Growing guide
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Light: Place your Poinsettia near a sunny window where it will receive 6 hours bright light, but not be in direct sunlight all day (east-facing windows are best since that location provides morning sun and some afternoon shade).

Watering: Water only when the top ½” of potting mix is dry to the touch and then to water thoroughly, until water drains from the bottom of the pot. If it’s moist, wait.

Temperature: Poinsettias prefer an indoor temperature from 65-75°F during the day, and above 60°F at night. Try to avoid drastic changes in temperature, such as warm drafts from a heater and be sure to keep the leaves away from touching cold windows, or the leaves may drop or prematurely wilt.